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Past Exhibition dates: February 2021 – March 21, 2021

Artist: Joyce Eesley

Although Joyce creates in many forms of media she seems to be drawn to watercolor. She finds it to be a very exciting medium to use. It can be extremely unpredictable and challenging. Every painting is a new challenge and learning experience. Sometimes happy accidents result in a totally different completion than she envisioned.

Inspired in her choice of subject matter by the beautiful images surrounding her in everyday life, they give her the compulsion to create a permanent facsimile of her vision. Being an avid gardener, she always has subject matter at her fingertips. Fruit, vegetables, flowers, and other items in nature are represented in very realistic form. Often included in her many still life, are objects found in thrift stores. The convincing minute reflected details on metal vessels and the many facets of cut glass containers are often depicted in her artwork.

Joyce uses 140 lb. Arches cold press paper and only the three primary colors in warm and cool hues. These paints are transparent, staining, and permanent pigments. Working with her very limited palette, she is able to achieve every imaginable tone and value that harmonize. The vibrant translucent quality of Joyce’s paintings consists of many glazes of paint. One layer of paint dries completely before applying another, allowing the previous layers to glow through.

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