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What is the Kemper Hall Alumnae Association?

The Kemper Hall Alumnae Association, Inc. is a nonprofit association dedicated to the preservation of the history of Kemper Hall. This includes the historical artifacts, as well as the development of educational and charitable activities that enhance and reflect the teaching philosophies and traditions developed at Kemper Hall. The association also keeps in communication with the alumnae and their extended families. Membership is open to former students, their children or grandchildren, and former employees of Kemper Hall.

PLEASE NOTE: The 150th Anniversary Celebration has been postponed until next year. The new dates are June 24-26, 2022. Please mark your calendars.

The Kemper Hall Alumnae Association Podcast

“In The Spirit of Kemper Hall"

Episode 1 A Little History

Episode 2 – The Foundations

Episode 3 – Non Stop Expansion from the 1880s to 1911

Future episodes will include life at Kemper Hall through the eyes of the students, faculty, and staff.

Kemper Hall Alumnae Association Board of Directors

Susan McKnight

Barb Axelson

Recording Secretary
Jubie Simonson

Pat Mott

Patsy Callahan
Kathy Easton
Sammy McMinn
Anna McGuire
Brooke Stark
Margaret Blighton

For questions or information about the Alumnae Association, please email

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