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Education Manager at Anderson Arts Center
Kemper Center seeks a creative, organized, and highly motivated part-time (12-15 hours/week) Education Manager for the Anderson Arts Center (AAC) to plan and facilitate arts programs, classes, and experiences for adults and children, including the Summer Art Camp for kids, weekend creative classes, and family cultural programs. The Education Manager will help broaden arts and cultural education at the museum and design hands-on, interactive programs for a variety of audiences. They will be responsible for finding, communicating with, and hiring arts teachers, as well as assisting with the marketing and promotion of classes, programs, and events in the community. The Education Manager will build  relationships and communicate regularly with local educators, and assist in implementing the set up of the AAC West Wing Student Gallery exhibits throughout the year. The Education Manager is dependable and mission-driven with a positive attitude and enthusiasm for art education. They must be skilled in facilitating conversations about arts education that emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and language skills. Creative classes and the Summer Art Camp provide youth and adults with new ways to connect to the arts and their community.
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To apply, send a resume and cover letter to rena@andersonartscenter.com.

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