Small and Humble Lives: The Beauty of the Beehive by Terri Lockwood

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Past Exhibition dates: February 2021 – March 21, 2021

Artist: Terri Lockwood

Terri Lockwood is a mixed media artist and photographer with a more recent emphasis on encaustics and encaustic photography. Intensely passionate about nature, it is often her primary subject matter.

“My love for the medium of encaustic technique began as a beekeeper, I was searching for a way to honor the beautiful wax that is rendered when harvesting the honey. I came upon this archaic art form and fell hopelessly in love. “

Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, originates from an ancient art form that goes back to Egypt and Greece around 100-300 A.D. The Greek term “enkaustikos” means “to burn in.” Greek artists were using wax paint to adorn sculptures, murals, figureheads on ships, and architecture. The Egyptians used wax in paintings to create the Fayum mummy portraits that were inserted into Egyptian tombs.

The process involves using heated beeswax to which different colors of oil paints and encaustic pigments can be added and it doesn’t stop there: you can use graphites, inks, watercolors, pastels, crayons, gouache, charcoal, and pencils which all contribute to the unfolding of endless, pleasing experimentations. In addition, this medium lends itself well to collage, monoprints, sculpture, and mixed media applications. There are also continual prospects for technical diversity: waxing, scraping, carving, stamping, incising, embedding elements, fusing, and layering.

“For me, it’s somewhat mesmerizing to see a piece of work go from a viscous to a solid state, almost as if the wax is a living organism and you are giving it mobility, enabling it to experience a progression. At these junctures in the process, I often question who or what is theoretically in charge, feeling frequently like it isn’t me…I have merely become a conduit, a channel for the wax to communicate, it becomes those magical “flow” moments in life.”

Terri has participated in many exhibits and shows over the past several years and has won multiple awards. Her work can be found at the following galleries: The Pink Llama Gallery in Cedarburg, The Gallori in Oconomowoc, MOWA gift shop in West Bend, Two Fish Gallery in Elkhart Lake, and Riverwalk Gallery in Fond du Lac.

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