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Past Exhibition dates: April 18, 2021 – May 30, 2021

Artist: Genevieve Gagliardi-Gerou

Genevieve Gagliardi-Gerou’s first love was science. She always felt that it taught her so much about the world and how everything was connected, from large to small.

In her life and art, she enjoys trying new things, including mixing elements together to see how it turns out, no matter how messy it gets. “Messiness is a part of the natural learning process.”

Genevieve is influenced by many things, including world religion, science, and her family. Her art has changed throughout the years depending on those influences. In the beginning, her art consisted of tight, controlled marks and very intense color combinations. At that time, her pieces were influenced by a fast-paced lifestyle with very young children. She was packing a lot of life into a short period. As the years went by, the sizes of her pieces and the strokes of her brush changed as she ventured into oil painting as a spiritual pastime. She created many very small works that explored different subjects while trying various types of drawing.

Her newest works, in ink and watercolor, were created through thought processes during the pandemic. This series starts with simple strokes of the pen and touches of color, then evolves into more complex and active compositions. The concept of this series is understood in multiple parts. First, viruses are small and simple cells. They start as an independent cell that multiplies very quickly. Thus, the spread across the world. Second, the pieces represent ideas. Ideas start out small, just in your head. As they come to fruition, they grow and take shape in the physical world. The 40 pieces in this show follow along with her mind’s eye, and her hope is that each piece helps the viewer see the world in a different way than they had before.

Genevieve graduated from UW-Milwaukee Peck School Of The Arts in 2001 with a degree in Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture.

Learn more about Genevieve Gerou at instagram.com/g_gagliardi_gerou_art/.

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