Landscapes and Cloudscapes: Photographs by Jim Hale

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Past Exhibition dates: February 7, 2021 – March 21, 2021

Artist: Jim Hale

Jim Hale is a landscape photographer who works within the tradition of large format cameras and film-based photography, a tradition started by Ansel Adams who devised the Zone System for accurately and creatively working with film and paper. In learning the craft, he has been largely self-taught and brought to it his skills as a Tool & Die maker. Outside influences came from workshops taught by Bruce Barnbaum.

His creative interests encompass landscape, architectural, and industrial photography and he has a particular interest in those areas where nature and human activity intersect. In those areas, like the Great Smoky Mountains, he works long-term to develop a deeper visual understanding of the landscape.

“I want to understand the environment I am working in. What is the quality of the light? What has caught my attention in the scene? I will usually stand quietly, looking, listening, studying the landscape, and looking for the edges of the photograph before I get the camera out. Then after the camera is setup it is a matter of patiently waiting for the best light and for the wind to settle down. It is not unusual for me to return to the same scene several times before making a picture. When I finally make the exposure I have a pretty good idea of what the final print will look like. But more importantly, I have all the visual information on the negative or transparency to be creative in the printing process.”

“There are compelling reasons for any serious landscape photographer to work hard. Our subject matter is rapidly vanishing. In the end, our creative work will, in my opinion, be documentation for a natural world that slipped away and will not return for a very long time.”

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