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Past Exhibition dates: April 18, 2021 – May 30, 2021

Artist: Gabriela Pettit

Painting is her media of choice. Combined with influences of a variety of classes at Book Binding schools, Gabriela Pettit’s art has transformed to embrace mixed media approaches.

She explores a variety of materials within the development of her art. The surface has been made kinetic by adding panels like pages. Layers are applied and modified in an organic process. Within her paintings, she explores spaces, of visual variations, that read in twisting and winding ways within the compositions.

Within her work are recurring themes: symbolic shapes that resemble puzzle pieces; funnel clouds; tangling twisting paths; doorways, and windows; and stairways to nowhere or anywhere. She generates the images from doodles and drawings that she modifies until the image feels strong and the space can be read in multiple ways. They are playful with the picture plane moving forward and back, building the ambiguity in the reading of the spaces. Deep in one place and shallow in another, she turns the painting around to develop the image from different perspectives.

“By including book structures to the paintings, I synthesize my visual exploration with a more complex format. I plan and develop, but when the pages turn there is an element of play and interaction. The problem solving is exciting and frustrating developing into a unique opportunity for visual interplay. It is a constant transformation and keeps my work very organic. This format allows me to continually explore and develop spaces and formats in these personal landscapes.”

“I would call my art Abstract Illusionism: the color and spaces, often gravity-defying scenes with multiple orientations. The symbols are recognizable but the situations may be impossible. The creative exploration continues as I develop my work, each piece with its own logic.”

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