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Past Exhibition dates: April 18, 2021 – May 30, 2021

Artist: Kathy Kerner

As a creative maker of clay objects and sculpture, Kathy Kerner often digs through blackened ashes in the post fire barrel to find beauty. Raku is a quick activity influenced by a centuries old, Japanese tradition. The action of throwing the work into burnables for a carbon reduction is a contemporary twist. The flame and smoke created is dramatic yet primitive. Over the years, she transitioned from forming vessels that imitated human gesture to her present work of humans joined with animals.

Kathy’s sculptures are easily recognizable, but they have elements out of place to stimulate a conversation or laughter. Often, her creations are referred to as whimsical, surreal, but subliminal and layered with deeper meaning. For instance, she frequently includes Victorian period clothing and hats that shield or camouflage animal heads. She also includes objects that may obscure the truth, such as a knife concealed in a woman’s purse hidden behind her elegant dress. Most of her sculptures appear to be passive, refined, and dignified, but conceal suppressed feelings of tiredness, anger, and exploitation.

Kathy creates ceramic art full time in Burlington,Wisconsin. Originally from Arizona, she attended the Layton School of Art and Design, which evolved into the Milwaukee Institute for Art and Design. Later, she received an art therapy degree from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee and completed my art teaching certificate from UW-Whitewater. For nearly 20 years, she taught art to middle and high school students. Now retired from teaching, she devotes more time to her art, which has been exhibited in New Mexico, Florida, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Learn more about Kathy Kerner at kkerner.com.

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