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Past Exhibition dates: February 23, 2020 – August 29, 2020

Group: League of Milwaukee Artists (LMA)

For over 75 years, the LMA has championed artistic creativity. The League represents 108+ local artists and is dedicated to the promotion of visual creation, personal artistic growth, and the expansion of the Arts.

This exhibition included over 150 works of art in a variety of mediums.

Participating artists: Cyndy Baran, Philip Belair, Brian Buchberger, Cherie Burbach, Jim Edlebeck,  Joyce Eesley, Bob Fesser, Marcia Gorra-Patek, Gwen Granzow, Mike Gundlach, J.J. Joyce, Barbara Kelsey, Jack Long, John Lockwood, Terri Lockwood, Paul V Madura, Jim Maki, Colette Odya Smith, Jack Pachuta, Julia Pagenkopf, Lizette Phillips, Mary Prince, Tom Pscheid, Cherie Raffel, Jewell Riano-Bradley, Lynn Rix, Janet Roberts, Julie San Felipe, Margaret Schumann, Tom Smith, Donna Staats, Susan Steinhafel, Ronny Trabeau, Donna Tronca, Ruth Vonderberg, Chuck Weber, Marcelline Weinsheim, Donna Weise Pehoski, Peter Zielinski

Winners were carefully selected by Anderson Arts Center Curator Candace Hoffman.

Best of Show

“Stone Bouquet” by Colette Odya Smith

First Place

“Moon Dance” by Susan Steinhafel

Second Place

“Rose Trio” by Joyce Eesley

Third Place

“Picnic en Provence” by Chuck Weber

Honorable Mentions

“Slipstream” by Jack Long

“Plum Blossom Kimono Robe” by Donna Tronca

“The Alchemy of Cleopatra” by Terri Lockwood

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